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Carbon County Hospital

Wyoming Project

Carbon County Hospital

  • Performed an assessment of needs
  • Insurance Master Files
  • Charge Codes
  • CPT Codes
  • Medical records coding
  • Outstanding Accounts Receivable
  • Repaired Insurance Master
  • Corrected electronic plan code tables
  • Changed billing requirements
  • Units Required
  • CPT Codes Required
  • Non-Covered charges
  • Repaired Charges Codes
  • CPT Code Cross reference
  • Added Modifiers
  • Fixed units
  • CPT Codes
  • Edited CPT Codes by Date
  • Cross referenced Pharmacy Codes to NDC Numbers
  • Repaired quantity errors
  • Medical Records
  • Repaired Diagnosis Codes to matched Procedures
  • Anesthesia To Surgery Cross Reference
  • Edited all diagnosis Codes By Date
  • A/R Fix
  • Rebilled unpaid Medicare up to year
  • Rebilled unpaid Medicaid up to year
  • Rebilled unpaid Commercial Insurance
  • Fixed and rebilled all insurance with Coding errors, CPT errors, Modifier Errors, or Quantity errors


  • 90% of Insurance Companies billed electronically vs. 10%
  • Unbilled accounts went from 1.5 Million to 500,000
  • Recovered over a Million dollars in Billing errors
  • Met with Departments for long term solutions
  • OB/Gyn documentation to Increase Reimbursement
  • Emergency Room to bill for all supplies and E/M Documentation
  • Pharmacy for Unit errors in Chemo Drugs
  • O/R for charge explosions and coding
  • Laboratory and Radiology for CPT Codes and Modifiers